Honeybee Welcome to our Honey Bee site. Here you will find quite a variety of environmentally friendly products, including candles, body care treatments, bee jewellery and other specialty products from the beehive. All our food and body care products are made from natural ingredients only and includes no synthetic or man-made chemicals.

Down through the ages mankind has revered the honeybee. For thousands of years we have been making use of the God-given products of the beehive. Hippocrates, long recognized as the father of medicine, prescribed honeybee products as treatment against many ailments of his time.

The Bible, the scrolls of the Orient, the writings of ancient Greece and Rome, and legends of the Russian and Slavic peoples, all praise the industrious honeybee and her highly nutritious and healing beehive products.

Today we have scientific and medical studies that confirm the medicinal benefits of the honeybees' gifts, as well as many personal testimonies from those who know firsthand what honeybee products can do.

Yes, the honeybee is truly a unique creature. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and trust you will find it an enjoyable learning experience. If you have not the time to fully explore it now, bookmark the site and come back later. We love talking about our bees and their gifts, so remember, you donít need to make a purchase to ask a question or make a comment.

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