ScrollThe following testimonials are a representation of what people are saying about Paradise Farms Inc. Products. These are letters written to the company, completely unsolicited, and represent only a small percentage of the positive feedback being received.

“I am pleased to write that your product was absolutely fantastic. I found it to be a rather soothing product and touted its praises to my instructors at the College of the North Atlantic. I was in fact astonished at how quickly it healed the skin on my hands. Within hours of using your product the hard crusty skin on my hands had flaked away. I have moderate to severe eczema on my hands and I find that your product does wonders to relieve dry and chapped skin. If my skin had a voice I am sure it would sigh when ever I apply your product. Thank you for putting such a great product on the market.”

Ellen R.
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

“Paradise Farms hand cream has saved my hands from ruin!

While on one of my daily visits to my nieces apartment, I spotted a tub of your hand cream. I had been cleaning our home in preparation for the holiday visitors and my hands and cuticles were splitting and sore. I was desperate for something to soothe them.

I rubbed on this miracle salve and within minutes it was absorbed. I applied again and ‘voila!’-in about ˝ hour my hands were back to normal.

I stole the jar of cream and used it everyday since. I even use it on my elbows.”

Molly S.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

“I feel compelled to pen this missive to inform you of the pleasurable results and effects your foot balm has achieved. I am positively delighted but the panty hose manufacturers would not share my joy were they to hear of your healing substance.

In wintertime my feet become dry and cracked and this has been a thorn for many years. I received your foot balm as a gift and began to use it immediately. Much to my surprise and delight, the stuff actually works. I will not only continue to use your wonderful product but will use it for gifts as well.”

Olive W.
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador

“Love your product !!”

Jack H.
Dallas, Texas

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